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Staying Healthy on Travel

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How to Stay Healthy on Travel

One of the most common excuses in the book is using travel as a way to avoid reaching your health goals. Whether you travel for work or are on vacation, don’t throw all your healthy habits out the window.  I am not say you shouldn’t splurge a little to enjoy your vacation; I am saying bingeing for a week straight probably won’t be very enjoyable either. Finding a healthy balance while on travel is very important and it looks different for everyone and every trip.

#1 game changer is changing your mindset on travel.

How many of you are faced with options and say to yourself “screw it, I am on travel” or my business travelers “dessert? That’s under my daily food allowance”? When I first started traveling, I would have a drink or dessert with every dinner and on top of that, my other meals weren’t the best choices. After a few weeks, I was feeling like crap and was begging for real home cooked food. The reason I did this was because I felt like I HAD to indulge because I was on travel, especially going out to eat with co-workers. You don’t HAVE to indulge or use all your entire food allowances! Also, I would fall into the trap of “well, I already ate unhealthy, it won’t matter if I have one more thing that is unhealthy,” and slowly it would snowball. (This happened a lot when I was not on travel too.) Balance is hard, but don’t let yourself get caught in these false thinking patterns.  What myths have you been telling yourself?

Do something active

Incorporate something fun and active that will help you explore your new location. Go for a hike; walk around to all the shops; maybe there is a workout in a famous park. I use an online workout program.  Most of the work outs are quick with little to no equipment. Getting up and moving helps me feel accomplished, gets me into a positive mindset, and feel more energized for the day.  Also, most of the time if I am active I crave more healthy food than junk food.

Find good restaurants

 One of my favorite things to do on travel is finding restaurants with awesome paleo options. (You can search whatever nutrition plan that is working for you!) I use the app Yelp. It has better specific searches than Google, so you can type in paleo or gluten free into your search bar. If you are with a group be the first to suggest a location because most people don’t care where they go and some people want someone else to pick for them anyway. You don’t want to be stuck picking the one cardboard salad that fits within what healthy stands for you. Find the restaurant that offers dairy- free ice-cream, so you can indulge but not have your food intolerances flaring up. Also, don’t be afraid to customize your order.  I often look what is on the menu and create my own meal.

Pack healthy snacks

Keeping healthy snacks with you and in the hotel room keeps you from getting hungry and having to make a spur of the moment fastfood run. Buying some of your snacks at your destination may be the easiest, otherwise if you are flying check TSA rules.

Find a hotel with a kitchen

This is healthy and can save you money! Maybe a mini fridge and microwave is enough of a “kitchen” for your short trip, but make sure to call ahead. I have been to a hotel that does not allow microwaves to be in the rooms and they don’t allow a shared one. (Apparently, it is only a safety hazard in Florida!)

Remember being healthy is a life style, so you have to find ways for it to work for you. Do the best you can with what options you have and don’t stress about it.  Indulging will NOT ruin your progress. You can always get back on track.

If you have anymore tips and tricks comment them below!

Consistent Workouts on Travel

Consistent Workouts on Travel