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Seven Things You Need to Succeed No Matter What Diet You Choose

Seven Things You Need to Succeed No Matter What Diet You Choose

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There are many excellent diets out there and each one works differently for different bodies. A certain type of diet may have worked excellent for your friend, but might not work the same for you.  No matter what diet you have chosen these 7 things will help you succeed.  

1) Write down your goal

Studies have shown that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down regularly. I have written an entire post on goal setting with a free workbook. Check it out here! I recommend doing this for your healthy eating goals.

2) This is not a diet

The only way to get lasting results is not by thinking of this as a temporary diet. You will need to make a lifestyle change. Whether you decide to go cold turkey or to gradually make healthier substitutes it is important to make lasting life changes. Change is always hard and sacrifices will have to be made, but the healthier you will thank you for enduring the transition.

3) Plan so it is impossible to fail

We all know the quote from Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I absolutely love this quote because planning ahead is so important.  That is why meal prepping has become popular and works so well. When I start a new diet, I like to plan it out so it is impossible for me to fail.  For example, I will make a list of healthy substitutes for cravings I commonly have and have all those foods on hand, readily available.

4) Get professional help

I know this may be hard for those of us on a budget, but there are a lot of fads and bogus advertisement hoping to make a quick buck. Please do your research. Investing money in yourself can be well worth it and a way to hold yourself accountable.  As I stated before, no one diet fits all and if you get a good nutritionist/health coach they will adjust your diet to how your body is reacting to it.

5) Buddy System

Find someone with a similar goal and lean on each other for motivation to help reach it.  Goals are a lot easier to reach when you have a great support system and people to hold you accountable. (FYI: It is normally easier for men to lose weight than women, so if your buddy is the opposite sex as you, women do not get discouraged!)  I highly recommend getting your roommates, significant others, and friends involved. They do not have to have goals like yours but if you make them aware of what you wish to accomplish then your true friends will try and accommodate to make it easier on you. (When I did my elimination diet, I told my boyfriend he could not eat fast food in front of me.  To help me, he actually ended up eating pizza out in his car one time!) Contact me to join my accountability group!

6) Focus on how you feel

Eating healthier is so much more than losing weight and looking good.  Changing your diet can reduce joint pain, help with gut problems, make you feel more awake, enhance mood, and so much more! If you are not seeing the weight results you want pay attention to how you feel. Weight is an easy number to measure when setting goals, but just remember muscle weighs more than fat.

7) Most importantly, Do not quit!

Far too often people have a bad weekend and start slipping away from their diet so they quit.  You have not failed. You have just paused your progress towards your goals. Don’t quit and undo the progress you have made, but continue where you are at and keep working at it. This last one has been hard for me when sticking to a diet, but don’t let one extra cheat meal spiral you back to the beginning. Keep moving forward. This takes time and hard work, but it will be so worth it.

Let me know what has helped you reach your fitness goals and feel free to share this with your friends.

Good luck! Living to Thriving is here cheering you on.

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