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Creating Goals You will Actually Stick With

Creating Goals You will Actually Stick With

Okay, I get it we all get excited and motivated about a goal and then slowly but surely the motivation fades and our goals retreats back in daydream land.  I myself have been a little overly ambitious, so I have already neglected a few of my resolutions. In fact, around half of people’s  New Year’s Resolutions were abandoned one month into the year, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute. This set back has gotten me to do further research on goal setting.

The most important thing about setting goals is to continually work towards them.  

Do not give up on your goals if you have one bad day. Notice how I did not say I failed?  This is because I still have time to work toward them.

I started thinking of creating a blog to hold myself accountable for my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions. I imagined that if I told more people, the more I would not want to let them down.  Also, I wished to help people follow my journey if they had similar goals to mine.  We could become a team and say “hey I’m struggling, you’re struggling, let's struggle together” and just maybe it would be easier and more fun.  Then after several brainstorming and daydreaming sessions the blog had transformed into a resolution as well.

My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

My 2018 mantas: Just show up & Progress not perfection

  1. Get healthier

    • Work out consistently and eat an altered Paleo diet

  2. Pay off my Credit Card Debt

    • Make a month budget and stick to it

  3. Start getting blog traffic

    • Create an editorial calendar

Now this is just a shortened version of the goals I made for myself.

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Because goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.






It is very important to write down exactly what you want to achieve through this goal.  Specific, measurable, and timely are the ways to tell whether the goal is accomplished or not. By making it specific you will know the exact steps to get there. By tracking or “measuring” your improvements along the way you will know if your goal with be accomplished in the right amount of time.  Achievable and relevant fall under the reasons you are creating this goal.  If it is not relevant, it will not be achievable.  Now I am all about everything is achievable, but that is given enough time and commitment to the goal that you find relevant. The most important part here is it MUST be relevant to you, not to someone else forcing you into this goal.  No one will accomplish rigorous goals that they don’t truly believe in.  Find your “why”.

Picking a start date

One of the most important things I have read about goal setting is to actually delay your start date.  Delaying your start date allows you to prepare and get excited for your goal.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is the time to make your plan so full proof it is hard to ignore it.  Hang up motivation around your house and prep for whatever your goal may be.

How to get started

First off, I love to think of all the possibilities.  Do a short brainstorming session.  This is the time when you can go off to daydream land and collect those goals, resolutions, and dreams that had wandered off to there.  Think about your perfect life and why you would want to live that way.  Do not hold yourself back with self doubt, this is your time to really imagine the possibilities.  Think about the different aspects of your life personal, professional, and social and have at least one for each.  

Now, look through your list and categorize them in personal, professional, and social.  I like to pick one goal for each category.  If one is extremely ambitious, maybe one is enough for right now.  Remember, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything. (I have found this out the hard way far too many times and I am finally learning.)   

After you have picked, make a goal for one year and one month using the SMART rules.  I like to make a goal for one month to keep my motivation up.  After one month, if I have reached my goal I will reward myself and then make a goal for the next month.  All the short monthly goals should add up to you reaching your year long resolution.  

Another thing to be aware of, this will take HARD WORK!  You need to write down what you will be gaining from completing this goal and what sacrifices you are willing to make for this improvement.

Lastly, make your goals visible! Hang them up in your kitchen. Write it on your mirror. Put it as the background of your phone. Make a vision board.  Allow your goals to be a daily reminder and motivator to how your future self could be.  

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