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Consistent Workouts on Travel

Consistent Workouts on Travel

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My biggest struggle recently has been staying consistent with my workout regimen. I travel for work nearly every week and don’t always know what gym equipment I will have access to.  I started using online, at home workouts because I needed the accountability and easy access to workouts from anywhere. All I have to pack is some resistance bands (some programs use no equipment at all). Being very knowledgeable of exercises, I use to make my own workouts with what I had, but most days I was too tired from making decisions at work that I just wanted someone to tell me what to do.

I love it! I chose a workout program that is only 35minutes long and I am sweating by the end every time. This program has really allowed me to kick all my excuses out the door.

You cannot use any of these excuses if you doing online at home workouts.

“The weather was too bad to make it to the gym.”

“I travel, so I can’t buy a gym membership that I’ll only use once a week.”

“The gym is too busy the time I want to go.”

“I forgot to pack my headphones/gym shoes/ sports bra.”

I am only listing off these excuses because I have used all of these before, at least once, so I know you have your own excuses up your sleeve.  One of my favorite things, that I didn’t even know was included when I first started, is that you get a coach for FREE. They will help you stay accountable and motivated.

This program is cheaper than most gym memberships and definitely cheaper than a personal trainer or fitness class pass. 

Each program comes with a nutrition plan because let’s be honest working out only helps you get about 30% closer to your fitness goals, fixing your nutrition is where you are going to see big changes.

Click here to learn more about the program I am loving! Feel free to reach out with any questions and contact me if you want to join my accountability group.

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