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50+ Exercises to Get Up and Move

50+ Exercises to Get Up and Move

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It doesn't matter what gets you off the couch; you just need to get up and move. Yes, there are different exercises that help you burn more calories, build more muscle, or have better lung capacity, but that doesn't matter if you can't stick with it. Find something you enjoy so you will actually stick with it. You may not love it at first, but you can at least find something you don’t hate.

Listed below are more than 50 different ways you can get up and move. I put them in categories to hopefully make it easier for you to decide and some of them fall under multiple categories.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Give it a real try and come into it with a positive attitude. If you start with a negative attitude, of course, you're not going to like it!.

  • Exercise classes

    • Zumba

    • Cycling

    • Body pump

    • Yoga

    • TRX

    • Aqua aerobic

    • Orange Theory

    • Aerial Yoga

    • Kickboxing

    • Pilates

    • Barre

    • PiYo

  • Cardio

    • Running

    • Swimming

    • Biking

    • Elliptical

    • Stairmaster

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): I put this by itself because any exercise can incorporate some HIIT into it

  • At home

  • Lifting

    • Crossfit

    • Olympic lifting

    • Powerlifting

    • Bodybuilding training

    • “Lifting" : anything using weights to improve muscle growth

  • Low impact

    • Walking

    • Swimming

      • Aqua aerobics

    • Yoga

    • Mobility

    • Stretching

    • TV exercise classes (Beachbody): most have a low impact modification to follow along with

  • Outdoors

    • Kayaking

    • Paddle boarding

    • Paddle boats (This one is harder than you think.)

    • Hiking

    • Swimming

    • Running

    • Biking (Road, BMX, Mountain)

    • Dog walking (no dog? Volunteer at a shelter)

    • Snowboarding/ Skiing

    • Surfing

  • Sports

    • Basketball

    • Volleyball

    • Baseball

    • Softball

    • Kickball

    • Ultimate frisbee

    • Rugby

    • Soccer

    • Football

    • Gymnastics

    • Handball

    • Boxing

    • Fencing

    • Water Polo

  • Others

    • Rock climbing

    • Dancing

    • Obstacle course training (Ninja Warrior)

    • Rollerblading

    • Unicycling

    • Jumproping (Can this be made into a verb?)

  • Literally anything that gets you up and moving!

    • Playing with your kids

    • Yard work

    • Farm work (No farm? You can try to volunteer at a local farm.)

    • Help a friend move

    • Take the stairs

    • Walk instead of drive

      • Park far away

Which ones did I miss? Comment below what you like to do to get up and move.

Find something you love and stay consistent. Your body loves to move, so get off the couch and “exercise”

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