Hello and welcome to Living to Thriving,

My name is Kelby and I am obsessed with creating a life that will make me jump out of bed in the morning.

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If you are looking to go from just living life and going through the motions to actually thriving and loving your life, you have stumbled on the right blog!

I am hoping to use my life experiences to help you dive deeper into what you want for an ideal life and then making it easy to take steps to chasing your dreams.  Life is built up of many different components that are important to thrive.  I have split up my passions into five life enhancing  categories, Healthy Kitchen, Sweat Session, Personal Growth, and Managing Medical.

Why I picked these categories:

Healthy Kitchen because I love to experiment with foods and turn average recipes into healthy, delicious alternatives. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring!

Sweat Session because I was your classic gym rat, literally obsessed with the high you get from an excellent workout.  I had to take a break for a little over a year for medical reasons (explained in Manage Medical).  Now, I am using this blog to hold myself accountable to getting back in shape.

Personal Growth because I am constantly trying to improve myself and love to help others who are looking for advice, so you won't have to go through it the hard way.  I hope to offer the assistance I wish I had received at different points in my career.

Managing Medical because recently I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  It has been a very confusing time in my life and jumping from doctor to doctor was extremely frustrating.  I am hoping to share my experiences to offer support for others in a similar situation.

How it all started

Living to Thriving started off as a way to hold myself accountable to my new 2017 resolutions, but being a classic ENTP my brainstorming for a simple accountability blog had blossomed into a much larger project.

Please come along on this journey and enjoy learning with me. It is still a work in progress so please help me expand by sharing what you like and join my emailing list to get all my new material.

Fun Facts

I graduated Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. GO SALUKIS!

I love anything to do with outdoor activities: hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, ect.

I have two adorable doggies, Cookie and Harley. (Expect dog pictures if you follow me on Instagram)

My favorite meal is a loaded sweet potato.